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From designing the company logo to conceptualising

entire advertising campaigns, we offer our clients a complete basket of services. Also, we have experience

in adapting advertising to cover various types of media. This makes it convenient for our clients to simply tell us their requirement and then leave it to us to develop an entire advertising package.

Every job which is undertaken by Pegasus meets the highest quality standards. We are lead by a team of professionals who have both the experience and the expertise to handle various aspects of advertising. From conceptualising to actual execution like printing, we give the highest priority to quality.

We, at Pegasus Advertising, believe in strictly adhering to deadlines. After we take on a project, we chalk out a realistic time frame to complete the job at hand. This ensures that we deliver on time, every time.

We understand that a client expects maximum effectiveness for money spent. Accordingly, we have moulded ourselves to be cost conscious. This ensures

that our clients get real value for their money.

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